The “twang” of a Hadza bowstring in the evening light, elephants like ghost trains under a full moon,  the tense silence caused by the guttural growls of a lioness protecting her cubs –these are the kinds of experiences that Dorobo Safaris from its beginning several decades ago has tried to share  with visitors to Tanzania.  Such experiences are all about dynamic but intact biological systems and the part that we humans play in them.  The Dorobo Fund for Tanzania is about finding that sustainable balance between humans and the diverse biological world that we are intimately connected to. 

We must find some sort of balance that recognizes limits – both in numbers and “wants” –understands ecological roots, and respects cultural diversity. Without this balance, the experiences described above will be a thing of the past, as will indigenous cultures and healthy, diverse ecosystems.

Thanks to our generous donors, the Dorobo Fund supports many grassroots efforts that promote social, ecological and economical sustainable growth in Tanzania.  Learn more about us, our successes and our goals.